Thematic Areas of Intervention

Thematic Areas of Intervention2018-08-07T07:59:41+00:00

Thematic Areas of Intervention

SFH Humanitarian Program in the REGIONfocused on humanitarian support both in Development and Emergency Context including conflicts, natural calamities & environmental disasters.

Six Broad Thematic Areas of Intervention

    1. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).
    2.  Food security and Livelihoods (FSL)
    3. Protection (Child protection, Mine risk education& GBV)
    4. Shelter and NFI support
    5. Health and Nutrition (H&N)
    6. Education

Cross-cutting themes

    1. Youth, Women and Peace building programs.
    2. Good Governance and Rule of law
    3. Environmental protection
    4. Capacity Building